Ministry Ideaz – From a Dream to Independence in Service to God

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Ministry Ideaz

Since 2003, Ministry Ideaz has served as an online source for Jehovah’s Witnesses to purchase beautifully crafted leather and paper goods to assist them in their ministry and missionary efforts. Based in Quito, Ecuador, the company has established a global reach that even extends to its staff, which consists of support and administrative workers based in three additional countries. Ministry Ideaz continues as it began, as a family-run business centered on helping to bring people closer to God.

The company began with a dream.

Its founders, a couple hailing from Canada, followed their desire to serve as kingdom proclaimers by relocating to Ecuador. Money became tight, so commuting to and from Canada to earn a living became a frequent activity. They decided to try to sell some of the well-made leather goods available in Ecuador online, initially on eBay and later via their own website. Their earliest efforts were truly the product of hands-on labor, as they packed their products for shipping on their kitchen table.

Realizing the benefits of e-commerce, they opened what is now a leading online merchant focusing on the distinct needs of their own Witness community a decade after their move to Ecuador.


Ministry Ideaz Lil’ Anna’s Meeting Purse

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Lil’ Anna’s Meeting Purse

A family-owned and managed online retailer, Ministry Ideaz manufactures and sells handcrafted leather goods, stationery, and games for Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world. Among the products sold by Ministry Ideaz is a collection of handcrafted bags designed for children, including the Lil’ Anna’s Meeting Purse.

Named after Anna the prophetess, who was one of the first people to recognize and bring honor to Jesus Christ, the Lil’ Anna’s Meeting Purse is ideal for storing the books and stationery that young girls need for meetings and ministry. Available in a range of pastel colors, the purse weighs just 14 ounces and features the quality stitching and workmanship that defines all Ministry Ideaz products.

In addition to the main compartment, which can store a Bible, magazines, or tablet computer, the purse has a front pocket for additional storage. The easy-grip handle and strong nylon zipper ensure the protection of items in the purse.

My Bible Story Puzzle Book by Ministry Ideaz

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My Bible Story Puzzle Book

Ministry Ideaz empowers Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world by providing a wide range of products. Some Ministry Ideaz products, such as My Bible Story Puzzle Book, help Jehovah’s Witnesses educate young family members about the Bible.

Suitable for children ages 5 and up, My Bible Story Puzzle Book takes readers on a journey from creation through many of the key events in the Bible. The puzzle book features more than 40 pages of word scrambles, crosswords, and other puzzles that challenge children in a fun environment.

As they make their way through My Bible Story Puzzle Book, children develop a greater understanding of key Biblical terms and passages. Further, the book can bring families together as an ideal evening activity based on Biblical teachings.

My Bible Story Puzzle Book is made of 90-gram paper with a 300-gram card stock cover. A special plastic coating offers enhanced durability to the cover.

Tips for Cleaning Leather Goods

From its headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz provides customers with a range of high-quality handcrafted goods, including book bags and book covers. Ministry Ideaz uses genuine cowhide leather to create many of its covers.

Here are some useful tips for cleaning leather without damaging it:

1. Dust the surface. Prior to using any cleaning products, wipe the leather’s surface with a dry microfiber cloth or other soft cloth to get rid of dust.

2. Make the cleaning solution. Mix one part mild soap with eight parts water, ideally distilled or bottled water to prevent tap water particles from becoming part of the solution. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

3. Clean the leather. Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly onto the leather, which may cause oversaturation. Instead, spray the mixture onto a clean cloth and use it to wipe the leather.

4. Work on difficult spots. If there are difficult stains, such as ink, dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and rub the stain until it comes out of the leather.

The Benefits of Playing Board Games With the Family


Ministry Ideaz Website Security Features

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Website Security

Bolstered by thousands of positive website and product reviews, Ministry Ideaz maintains a reputation as a top online retailer. One reason Ministry Ideas has earned this reputation is the company’s dedication to the security of its customers.

The Ministry Ideaz website offers the following security features:

Antivirus protection. Dedicated antivirus software prevents malware and other threats from reaching the website’s network.

Encryption. Sensitive data undergoes encryption to protect it from interception and misuse. The website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which authenticates data transmissions, scrambles the information sent by the website, and ensures there are no alterations to the data received by the website.

Firewalls. Strong firewalls prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the Ministry Ideaz network.

Password lockout. Upon detection of account login attempts using incorrect passwords, the website locks the account to ensure there is no unauthorized access.

Auto timeout. Accounts log out automatically after extended periods of inactivity. Website users can improve this security feature by ensuring they log out of their accounts at the end of their sessions.

Strengthening Marital Bonds Via the Bible

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Marital Bonds

Ministry Ideaz offers products ranging from handcrafted leather book covers, through to video and board games to Jehovah’s Witnesses all over the world. With the aim of nurturing Biblical knowledge in people of all ages, Ministry Ideaz also maintains a blog in which it has spoken about the role the Bible plays in a strong marriage.

It references a number of Biblical passages, including Peter 4:8, which reads “Love covers a multitude of sins.” The purpose of this passage is to show people that marriage is a union between two people who are not perfect. People make mistakes in all marriages and each individual has the potential to hurt or fail a partner. Through the love of one another, such sins are overcome.

Couples also take strength from Ecclesiastes 4:12, which reads “A threefold cord cannot quickly be torn apart.” These three cords represent Jehovah God, husband, and wife, with the marriage being a relationship between the three that isn’t easily broken. Focusing on love for your partner and Jehovah God strengthens the union further.

Ministry Ideaz Accepted to Bizrate Circle of Excellence

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Bizrate Award

Offering a range of supplies, including ministry bags, book covers, calendars, and interactive entertainment to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Ministry Ideaz has established itself as a leading online retailer. In recognition of this fact, Ministry Ideaz achieved acceptance the Bizrate Circle of Excellence in 2016, marking its fourth consecutive award.

As one of the United States’ largest consumer review resources for online retailers, Bizrate Insights is an established authority in the sector. It operates the Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award each year to offer recognition to online retailers that have achieved high satisfaction scores based on the reviews of millions of buyers.

In 2016, Ministry Ideaz was one of only 208 retailers to receive the award, having achieved higher-than-average scores in each of the award’s seven key indicators, which include ease of discovery, customer support, repurchase intent, and overall satisfaction

When speaking about the award, Ministry Ideaz founder Greg Holland spoke about the company’s commitment to providing convenience, quality shipping, and great products to its customers.

Ministry Ideaz Wins Bizrate Award for Stellar Customer Service

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Bizrate Award

Ministry Ideaz sells handmade, high-quality leather items, like Bible covers and briefcases, for Jehovah’s Witnesses from its office in Quito, Ecuador. In 2016, Ministry Ideaz once again won the Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award in recognition of its outstanding dedication to customer service.

To be eligible for this honor, a business must have sufficient online reviews showing that it exceeds expectations in satisfying customers. The award serves as a mark of quality, assuring consumers that they will receive excellent service.

Bizrate analyzes several factors when determining winners, including the ease of finding products, the selection available, the on-time arrival of the package, and the overall satisfaction of the purchasing experience. Additionally, Bizrate takes into account the reviewer’s intent to purchase again from the company, whether or not the product met the customer’s expectations, and the level of support the company provided to a customer.

Protective Vinyl Covers for ‘God’s Kingdom Rules’

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Protective Vinyl Covers

Originally founded to sustain a ministry in Quito, Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz now provides hand-crafted quality items to more than 180 countries for use in the ministry of Jehovah’s Witnesses. One of Ministry Ideaz’s products are protective vinyl covers for the God’s Kingdom Rules book.

This is a clear protective cover with colored trim. The product was produced because the God’s Kingdom Rules book is a paperback publication and is therefore not as durable as the hardcover versions that were earlier produced. As many have experienced, the God’s Kingdom Rules book can undergo much wear and tear, therefore the cover can help protect the book and lengthen its service life.

The plastic book cover has sturdy reinforced stitching with the edges covered with decorative fabric for enhanced durability. Old world techniques were used to handcraft this cover, featuring selected high-grade plastic that will not begin to fracture after a few months. The vinyl cover is easy to wipe clean, which will help keep tidy an important book.