Jehovah’s Witnesses Evangelize in Remote Areas

Ministry Ideaz pic

Ministry Ideaz

Ministry Ideaz was created when a Jehovah’s Witness volunteer missionary (‘need-greater’), on assignment in Ecuador, noticed that the locals were able to make lovely handcrafted leather folios that could keep tracts and documents organized for door-to-door ministry. Committed to his assignment in Ecuador, this brother decided to market the folios to Jehovah’s Witnesses back home in North America via Ministry Ideaz.

Jehovah’s Witnesses practice door-to-door ministry, as they believe that this is what the Bible tells them to do. In 2014, they began a ministry to bring their message to the more remote northern areas of Europe and North America.

Jehovah’s Witnesses had previously preached in outlying areas, including Finland, Alaska, and the Northwest Territories of Canada, but their endeavors were limited to passing out tracts and other Biblical publications. When the governing body of the religion created the new program for remote areas, they gave the branches overseeing these northern communities the ability to request full-time Jehovah’s Witness ministers (pioneers) who would be able to stay for a minimum of three months.

If the community where the pioneers are staying expresses interest in learning more about the religion, the ministers may be able to extend their stay in order to hold public meetings. To learn more, visit