Ministry Ideaz – From a Dream to Independence in Service to God

Ministry Ideaz pic

Ministry Ideaz

Since 2003, Ministry Ideaz has served as an online source for Jehovah’s Witnesses to purchase beautifully crafted leather and paper goods to assist them in their ministry and missionary efforts. Based in Quito, Ecuador, the company has established a global reach that even extends to its staff, which consists of support and administrative workers based in three additional countries. Ministry Ideaz continues as it began, as a family-run business centered on helping to bring people closer to God.

The company began with a dream.

Its founders, a couple hailing from Canada, followed their desire to serve as kingdom proclaimers by relocating to Ecuador. Money became tight, so commuting to and from Canada to earn a living became a frequent activity. They decided to try to sell some of the well-made leather goods available in Ecuador online, initially on eBay and later via their own website. Their earliest efforts were truly the product of hands-on labor, as they packed their products for shipping on their kitchen table.

Realizing the benefits of e-commerce, they opened what is now a leading online merchant focusing on the distinct needs of their own Witness community a decade after their move to Ecuador.


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