Tips for Cleaning Leather Goods

From its headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz provides customers with a range of high-quality handcrafted goods, including book bags and book covers. Ministry Ideaz uses genuine cowhide leather to create many of its covers.

Here are some useful tips for cleaning leather without damaging it:

1. Dust the surface. Prior to using any cleaning products, wipe the leather’s surface with a dry microfiber cloth or other soft cloth to get rid of dust.

2. Make the cleaning solution. Mix one part mild soap with eight parts water, ideally distilled or bottled water to prevent tap water particles from becoming part of the solution. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

3. Clean the leather. Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly onto the leather, which may cause oversaturation. Instead, spray the mixture onto a clean cloth and use it to wipe the leather.

4. Work on difficult spots. If there are difficult stains, such as ink, dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and rub the stain until it comes out of the leather.


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