Strengthening Marital Bonds Via the Bible

Marital Bonds  pic

Marital Bonds

Ministry Ideaz offers products ranging from handcrafted leather book covers, through to video and board games to Jehovah’s Witnesses all over the world. With the aim of nurturing Biblical knowledge in people of all ages, Ministry Ideaz also maintains a blog in which it has spoken about the role the Bible plays in a strong marriage.

It references a number of Biblical passages, including Peter 4:8, which reads “Love covers a multitude of sins.” The purpose of this passage is to show people that marriage is a union between two people who are not perfect. People make mistakes in all marriages and each individual has the potential to hurt or fail a partner. Through the love of one another, such sins are overcome.

Couples also take strength from Ecclesiastes 4:12, which reads “A threefold cord cannot quickly be torn apart.” These three cords represent Jehovah God, husband, and wife, with the marriage being a relationship between the three that isn’t easily broken. Focusing on love for your partner and Jehovah God strengthens the union further.


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