The Bible and Toddlers

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Ministry Ideaz

Established by its family owners as a means to enable them to continue their ministry assignment, Quito, Ecuador-based Ministry Ideaz now ships its products to more than 180 countries around the world. It offers Biblical-related items for babies and toddlers since, as Ministry Ideaz points out in one of its blogs, there are essential benefits of early child exposure to the Bible.

The time spent reading bible stories to toddlers helps strengthen the bond between parents, the child, and Jehovah. At a young age children are very impressionable, and exposing them to Bible stories and values this early becomes an important part of their spiritual development. As children are trusting by nature, it much easier for them to absorb and be influenced by the Bible lessons.

A few minutes spent each day reading the words of Jehovah enables the child to view the world as it should be viewed according to the Bible. This produces a child that is unselfish and has a positive, helpful outlook in life. As the child grows and discovers the world, God’s words will serve as guidance.


Zayra Joins Family of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Based in Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz provides hand crafted products to assist Jehovah’s Witnesses in their mission of spreading God’s Word. In the course of making these products, Ministry Ideaz has touched and enlightened many lives, including a lady named Zayra.

Zayra was recently baptized and joined the large family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She first interacted with Jehovah’s Witnesses 20 years ago through her father. He used to make products for the Christian group, and they would hold Bible studies in Zayra’s home. Zayra was young but she knew they were studying the Bible. On a few occasions, she also read some of the Christian magazines. However, she was not fully interested yet. When her father stopped studying the Bible, she lost contact with the Christian group.

Later on, in 2007, Zayra started working with her father. They supplied materials used in making hand-crafted Bible covers and bags for Ministry Ideaz. Zayra was touched by how friendly and accepting the brothers and sisters of the faith were. They treated her as part of them, even calling her cousin. In 2016, Zayra and her son became unbaptized publishers. In 2017, she was baptized.