Features of the Hands-Free Watchtower Magazine Tote

Hands-Free Messenger Tote pic

Hands-Free Messenger Tote
Image: ministryideaz.com

Ministry Ideaz has representatives throughout the world. Ministry Ideaz focuses on providing faithful Jehovah’s Witnesses with such ministry supplies as its hands-free watchtower magazine tote.

A functional and stylish messenger bag, the hands-free watchtower magazine tote was created for Jehovah’s Witnesses engaged in door-to-door ministry. The bag helps Jehovah’s Witnesses stay organized and look professional to ensure they leave a lasting impression.

It is made of genuine leather and includes multiple compartments for storing books, electronic devices, and other materials. The magazine compartment is easily accessible to enable users to gracefully present a copy of Watchtower or Awake! to listeners. The bag also has a discreet pocket for keeping donations.

The tote offers an ergonomic design that evenly distributes the weight of its contents. This creates less stress on the back and arms as well as helps users maintain good posture. Further, the design gives owners full use of their hands to effectively communicate their message and use sign language if needed.