Cute JW Convention NOTEBOOKS designed with children of Jehovah’s Witnesses in mind!

Ministry Ideaz provides meeting and service supplies for Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world. Although Ministry Ideaz started out exclusively selling leather book and Bible covers, it has now expanded to sell many different useful items for use in ministry, at Christian meetings, and for family worship.

Are you excited to attend virtually once again the "Pursue Peace" regional convention? Younger kids and pre-schoolers can find it hard to sit in from of a screen for hours on end to watch the program. Therefore, we've designed this convention workbook just for them!
Pursue Peace workbook for kids

One of the latest supply offerings from Ministry Ideaz includes the Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention Activity Workbook for Kids. It was designed by Jehovah’s Witnesses parents with their children in mind, to keep them engaged and involved during the three-day long regional 2022 “Pursue Peace!” Convention.

With a full-color glossy cover featuring the event theme, the workbook targets children aged 3-8. It includes 58 pages of short, yet informational and fun activities for them to learn from and enjoy, with room for notes. Made specifically for use at the convention, the activities center on each of the age-appropriate talks to be given at the annual convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Be confident that your children are getting the most out of the “Pursue Peace”! regional convention with this cute activity notebook made especially for them! What better way to equip them than with a kids’ convention notebook made specifically for the youth in your congregation! Dozens of pages of quality paper make this durable and organized kids’ notebook the perfect resource for your son or daughter (or niece or nephew or grandchild or friend…) to take notes on what they’ve learned.

Convention Activities books for older kids aged 8-13 are almost available:

Read what others have said about these kids’ convention workbooks:

“The kids loved the notebooks! I really have enjoyed my notebook as well. Helps keep me focused.”

– Karen S.

“I purchased the Kids Convention Workbooks for my niece and another young one in my congregation. They love the workbooks!!!”

Crystal S.

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JW Letter-writing Stationery for 2022 Memorial

With the goal of providing quality products and supplies for family, friends, and loved ones of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Ministry Ideaz carries a vast selection of briefcases, letter-writing supplies, stationery, software, and other helpful field ministry items for publishers. From humble beginnings going back to 2002, Ministry Ideaz has been helping fellow Witnesses with everything they need to fulfill their spiritual goals of encouraging family worship and further advancing the worldwide preaching work. Today Ministry Ideaz provides various items, including letter-writing supplies, to Witnesses around the world. Something pioneers really appreciate during the Memorial season is the printable JW letter writing pack.

Your letters will stand out when you use stationery/letterhead designs from Ministry Ideaz. These are instant PDF digital downloads of letter-writing templates for the Lord’s Evening Meal. At the bottom of the stationery is the encouraging scripture from Luke 22:19 – ‘Keep doing this in remembrance of me.’ The the date of the Memorial is also included.

Choose from a selection of 3 different styles. Available for download only. Full-color downloadable template for the Memorial of Jesus’ death.

This is a beautiful, downloadable, printable JW Letter Writing Stationery Set for the 2022 Memorial Campaign that comes in 8.5 x 11 (letter-sized) dimension.

Read what others have said about our JW memorial stationery:

Absolutely in love with this stationery! Exactly what I was looking for! Beautiful! Thank you so much! Helped me out so quickly! Thank you!

Get your template for the JW memorial 2022 campaign today!

JW 2022 letter-writing Memorial Template

Guided Prompts for Pioneer School – Note-taking at a whole new level!

Family-owned and operated, Ministry Ideaz makes hand-crafted items for use in Jehovah’s Witness ministry and worship. When the company began in 2002, it exclusively made leather covers for books and Bibles and sold them via eBay. Later, Ministry Ideaz expanded its product offerings to include leather briefcases, bags, and meeting organizers for tablets. In 2003, was launched with an eCommerce portal for customers to buy products directly from the website. Along with its own leather products, Ministry Ideaz offers a selection of Bible games, notebooks, calendars, and binders. Currently, Ministry Ideaz ships to 180 countries around the world. Ministry Ideaz’ latest offering is something that pioneers are going to love: the pioneer school notebook.

Get ready for Pioneer School and organize your notes with this notebook

Who do you know that’s headed for pioneer school this year? This is the perfect gift for them! The pioneer notebook is designed to help organize your notes. This pioneer notebook is specifically made for Pioneer School. Best of all, it won’t get lost among your other notebooks.

This awesome pioneer Notebook for JWs features:

Lecture Notes
Personal Course Notes
Comments to remember
Signature page
A section to keep track of your contacts
And much much more!

The notebooks for JW pioneer school feature a sturdy hard cover and spiral binding for easy handling and note-taking… even right on your lap if necessary!

Gift a pioneer friend a pioneer school notebook today!

2022 Wall Calendars for Jehovah’s Witnesses with weekly Bible reading

Established in 2002, Ministry Ideaz has grown its business to provide a variety of hand-crafted ministry essentials to witnesses in over 180 countries. An annual treat the Ministry Ideaz‘ customers have loved is the 2022 spiral bound wall calendar for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witness 2022 wall Calendar

Read what others have said about our Jehovah’s Witness 2022 wall Calendar:

I have made several purchases through Ministry Ideaz, every time the orders have been delivered in a timely manner! Their products are great, especially the service bags!! I love their JW calendars! Thank you Ministry Ideaz for your exceptional service!!
from: Lisa

I love ordering the agenda for myself and my sister. My mom loves the pocket calendar and I love sharing the other items as encouraging gifts. from: anonymous online shopper

Featuring the yeartext for 2022: “Those seeking Jehovah will lack nothing good.” – Psalm 34:10, the 2022 wall Calendar for Jehovah’s Witnesses are spiral bound for easy handling. Get ready for 2022 with these beautiful calendars featuring the 2022 year text. Each calendar includes the weekly Bible reading and Memorial Bible reading schedules.

Order today:

Ministry Ideaz pic

2022 Life & Ministry Meeting Workbook Companion for Jehovah’s Witnesses

Ministry Ideaz is a family-owned and operated company that produces hand-crafted leather goods and other theocratic products for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ministry Ideaz provides quality merchandise and award-winning customer service to 180 countries worldwide. Among the various Bible-based products Ministry Ideaz produces, the company offers a number of note-taking items for the Christian Life and Ministry Meeting.

Have you ever struggled to prepare for meetings in advance? Let this watercolor-inspired notebook for Jehovah’s Witnesses encourage you to keep a good study routine. Thanks to its spiral binding, this notebook is ideal for taking notes comfortably while paying close attention to the Public Talk. Similarly, you can write down your “Favorite Points from the Watchtower Study” to be ready to comment or review later.

Specially designed for the “Life and Ministry” Meeting, the practical pocket on the back serves to store your Watchtower magazine and the “Life and Ministry” Meeting Workbook so you will always have it close at hand. 2022 Life & Ministry Meeting Workbook Companion for Jehovah’s Witnesses

A Special Weekly Planner for Jehovah’s Witness Pioneers

Ministry Ideaz is a family-owned-and-operated business that has made high-quality products for Jehovah’s Witnesses since 2002. The company strives to provide excellent customer service, offering a money-back guarantee for customers not satisfied with the quality of their purchase.

Every year Ministry Ideaz provides JW Pioneers with special agendas to stay organized.

For example, plan your life with the 2022 ‘My Life Book’! This deluxe JW weekly agenda has everything you need to keep track of everything.

A Closer Look at Features
The start of the book has useful pages to help you plan ahead for a productive year. So even before January, you can start preparing and setting goals.

List of ideas for family worship or personal study projects
Planning page for your auxiliary or regular pioneer schedule
“Dates to Remember” page for theocratic events (Memorial, CO visit, Assembly,…)
month view
Monthly Planning
Each month has features to help you keep track of things and give you an overview of your schedule.
Encouraging sayings and scriptures throughout;
Memorial Bible reading in April.
The 2022 “My Life Book” weekly agenda helps you stay organized so you never miss a personal, spiritual, or other commitment! Simplify the planning process with this full-color, 212 pages, deluxe weekly agenda. Make planning easier with everything from recording weekly service activities to setting weekly, monthly, and annual goals.
Each week has plenty of space to write down your daily appointments and important information. In addition, we have included more useful features for each week of the year.

These Ministry Ideaz favorite agendas are now shipping! Do you plan by the week or plan by the month? Get this feature-packed, weekly agenda to take everywhere. It’s aptly named “My Life Book,” with enough room to plan everything.

2020-2021 Circuit Assembly 2-in-1 Note Taker

Writing Notebooks for Children of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Founded in 2002, Ministry Ideaz is a worldwide supplier of theocratic educational tools and door-to-door ministry folios for Jehovah’s Witnesses, among other products. Ministry Ideaz‘s selection of kids’ workbooks help them pay better attention during Christian meetings.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Writing Notebook for Kids

This year brings more features to our kids’ meeting workbooks and more fun! Find two separate workbooks for the midweek and weekend meetings. Plus, get a workbook for Family Worship. We have continued to improve these workbooks based on valuable feedback! Here are just a few of our favorite new features:

  • Each workbook includes 30+ stickers!
  • Meeting workbooks contain 8 removable drawing sheets – perfect for showcasing on the fridge.
  • Family Worship Workbooks include a cut-out “Bible Memory Game.”

The newly designed JW meeting workbooks are specifically for the public talk and Watchtower study. After applying feedback from other kid’s workbooks and incorporating the favorite features, we are sure this full-colored notebook is a hit. Encourage your youngster to participate in the meeting with a special spot to record their comment! Help them ponder the main-points with a space to copy a picture from the Watchtower, or draw a picture of the speaker. Help them pay attention to the public talk with the included “listening game”. Each week the listening game changes, so your child will have a variety of words to listen for.

NEW for 2022: Now with over 30 stickers that the kids can use to enhance their notes! Also a fun cut-out activity of Bible Memory.

Order your JW Kids’ Meeting Notebooks today! – made by JW parents for JW kids!

Sizzilin’ Sunflower says:
I love all the products we have ordered. These new children’s notebooks for meetings will help my kids study for and pay attention at meetings.

2022 ultimate pioneer planner for JWs

Ministry Ideaz is a family-run business that sells products for Jehovah’s Witnesses. With a new year approaching, many brothers and sisters worldwide may be considering pioneer service. Ministry Ideaz sells products that might prove especially helpful for these new pioneers.

Keep yourself and your family on track in 2022 with this new Ministry Scheduler. This compact scheduler is packed with handy features to keep you on track with your goals.

We’ve designed each booklet as a resource for Jehovah’s Witnesses across the globe to be able to keep track of field service appointments, CO visits, conventions, and assemblies as well as special tract campaigns and service days during statutory holidays. We made this theocratic multi-purpose JW monthly planner especially for pioneers and publishers for everyday use, and it has lots of features. Ministry Ideaz offers each beautiful book with a full-color cover, and premium-quality paper.

Ministry Ideaz Testimonials

2022 JW Pocket Diary

Strengthen Your Faith: Fun Circuit Assembly Activity Books for JW kids

Based in Quito, Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz provides handcrafted leather products to help Jehovah Witnesses spread God’s word. Also playing a role in nurturing tomorrow’s pioneers, ministerial servants and elders, Ministry Ideaz makes cute kids’ activity book for the circuit assembly For children and youths. Youth is an excellent time in children’s lives when taking notes at the assembly makes quite an impression. Kids and “tweens” will love the colors. Our kids’ circuit assembly notebooks are especially for children between 3 and 13 years old.

Fun Workbooks for JW kids

Help your kids pay attention and be confident that they are getting the most out of the assembly.

The variety of activities is specifically designed to be a helpful aid at paying attention, and NOT distracting. Each talk has activities that coincide with the theme. Useful features are included to encourage the child to listen attentively, including special “Time to Apply” sections. These encourage kids to reflect on how he or she can apply the information personally.

Order the kids assembly note books now!:

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